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Office Hours:   Monday - Friday      8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Founded in 2007 and focused on customer service, Des Moines Auto Auction strives to be the best family owned wholesale auto auction in the country.  Sales are held every Friday at 9:30 am.  We hope to see you.  Call today to reserve your numbers.  Once you come you will never want to buy or sell anywhere else.

Owners Group:

With over 20 years of auction experience, and three generations totaling over 150 years in the automotive industry, this group is not short on industry knowledge and expertise.

  General Manager - Todd Givant

Growing up in the automotive industry gives Todd indispensable insight to our Wholesale Auto Auction. After his time as an NCAA athlete in basketball and graduating from the University of Iowa, Todd gained experience in high-level sales and public relations.  He left his prestigious position for the opportunity to be General Manager at Des Moines Auto Auction.  Todd's life and work experiences give him a unique and valuable insight into this company.


Office Manager - Jami Schnoebelen

Jami joins our team from the customer side of the auction industry.  Jami is the former General Manager  of Wrench -n- Go .  Jami has 25 years in the automotive industry plus she brings to us the unique and valuable perspective of the customer.   As Al's daughter and Todd's sister we are blessed to grow this family owned and operated company.

      Dealer Representative - Julie DeMarce

Julie returns to us after a brief hiatus in the retail side of our industry.  Julie brings with her valuable knowledge and experience.  We are excited to welcome her back.  As your joint Dealer Representatives, Misty and Julie will be working in tandem to fulfill your requests for reservations, floors, IF bids, and many other dealer needs. 

  Dealer Representative - Wes Huffman

Wes joined our staff in 2014.  He has been in the car business for over 35 years with 13 years of that being in the auction business.  Wes travels Iowa and surrounded states seeing customers and aqutiring new.  If you want to see Wes you will have to come on sale day.  We are so excited to have Wes as part of our team!

  Dealer Representative- Misty Pollard

Misty joined our team in the begininng of 2017.  She has been a great asset to Des Moines Auto Auction.  She has background in sales, customer service and has worked at a new car dealership.  Make sure to call Misty if you need to reserve a number for the sale. Make sure to ask about her DOG!

    Title Clerk - Janet Cunningham

Janet started with us as sale day staff and quickly progressed to an indispensable part of our team. She works with our dealers and handles all aspects of titles for our customers.  Keep your eyes open though, because her knowledge of sale day workings could put her on the block or helping out at the gatehouse.

  Office Adminstrator - Deb Seals

Deb joined our team in 2016.  Deb has been in the auction business for 20 years in all different aspects inlcuding transportation, gatehouse and operations.  We were lucky to get Deb she is our jack of all trades.  You will see her on the block and on the counter on sale day. During the week she will be handling Floors, Late titles and any many other duties.

 Lot manager - Dale Bales

Dales joined our team in 2016.  He has been a great assest to the company.  Dale has over 34 years experience in the automotive industry.  After working for the owners of the auctions in another business for 25 years Dale has come back home. Everything from directing the lot guys while setting the sale to Arbitrations on sale day.  He does it all. We are very happy to welcome him back home!

 Lot Crew /Wash Bay- Joe Hale, Justin Buckroyd, and Gib Minella

Joe joined our team in 2015.  Justin and Gib in 2010.  These guys do it all!  They get all the cars clean and in the right spot for sale day.  If you need any help in the lot these are your guys!


   Gatehouse- Phil Martin and Lisa Fries

Phil joined our team in 2013.  He has been in the auto auction business since 1997.  Phil works at our gatehouse as well as helping out in the lot.  Phil's day is taking up mostly with doing Courtsey Walk Arounds and taking pictures for the internet.  He also helps the lot guys set the sale and helps out in the wash bay when needed.

Lisa joined our team in 2016.  Lisa has been a stay at home mom up until now and joined our team as a driver and decided to take the leap to the gatehouse.  On sale day she fills in wherever she is needed.  You may see her driving a car through the lane or working on the block. 


This is our group of drivers.  These are the guys that make it possible to have your cars here at the auction.  Everyday Monday through Friday they are picking up cars or dropping them off at your dealership. 

  Block Clerks and Counter Clerk

We are lucky to have this Friday crew.  They all keep the auction running smoothly even in times of crisis.  You will see their smiling faces at the front counter when you check in, on the block taking bids online or getting your signatures to helping you with payment on your purchases.