Des Moines Auto Auction is for registered wholesale automotive dealers only, closed to the the public. Each dealer has to be registered before receiving a bid badge or buying cars online.
Please complete the following forms and provide the required documents listed and return to DSMAA via email to
or by fax at 515-256-9161.

In addition to completeing and submitting the required dealer registration forms listed above, please provide copies of the following documents:

  • State dealer's license or equivalent required state document
  • Current dealer bond, if required by your state (State of Iowa Dealers-bond is required)
  • Current Sales tax certificate
  • Copy of a voided company business check
  • Current salesperon's license for each representaitve, if required by your state

Each representative attending the auction will need to have his or her current driver's license scanned into Auction ACCESS. If the representative plans to buy online only, please provide a legiable copy of his or her current driver's license.

If you have any questions please contat the auction office at 515-285-8911.

We look forward to your dealership becoming a part of our Auction!